Figure skating at its best
March 22–28 2021

HRH Crown Princess Victoria to open the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021


The Crown Princess has, as previously announced, fallen ill with covid-19. Although the symptoms are mild, the assessment is made, with regard to the contestants and the organizer, that the Crown Princess will not be present on site at the inauguration on Wednesday. The Crown Princess instead participated digitally during the inauguration with this recorded greeting: 


The ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021 at the Ericsson Globe Arena will start with a spectacular opening ceremony on ice the evening of March 24th. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will inaugurate the Championships in person at the Globe Arena. The entire ceremony will be televised live and produced by choreographer and artistic director Albin Boudrée.

“It’s going to be an awesome open ceremony. We have a fantastic show team who have worked so hard for this. They are pushing the envelope of their abilities and will deliver an unforgettable experience. The involvement of Crown Princess Victoria is a huge honour and great for the opening ceremony and the entire World Championships,” says Boudrée.

The opening ceremony itself is divided into four performances, each with a different theme. The first number is challenging in terms of choreography and technique and is about challenging our fears and never giving up. The second number features two solo skaters, youth skater Melissa Westling and Matilda Algotsson from the national team, who find themselves in a dream world filled with love.

The third theme is about community. Different light sources are combined to create a visually beautiful whole. Soloist Lovisa Svensson from the Royal Academy of Music in London will then sing the Swedish national anthem. The ceremony culminates with a big rock number filled with love, warmth, and a message of good luck for all competitors in the World Championships.

For Boudrée, who has competed at elite level, the opening ceremony is a dream come true.

“This is huge, and I’m incredibly excited. Figure skating has always been a big part of my life and to be responsible for the opening ceremony of the World Championships is an unbelievable honour.”

Creative Team for the opening ceremony: 

Albin Boudree

Melanie Kajanne Källström

Caroline Eriksson

Helena Lindblom