Figure skating at its best
March 22–28 2021

Official Hotel

Quality Hotel Globe

The Official Hotel for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021 is Quality Hotel Globe – Nordic Choice Hotels. They have a sustainability work called “WeCare”. They want to create possibilities for people both in and out of their operations. They will run hotels so that it has the smallest environmental impact. They want to make the guests feel a little bit better when they check out than when they checked in. Nordic Choice Hotel has six sustainable focus areas:

Sweet Dreams

Since 2008, Nordic Choice Hotels has been working with UNICEF to combat human trafficking in the world and to help children who are exposed to it. The name Sweet Dreams comes from the goal that all children should be able to enjoy a safe sleep, no matter where they are or what they have been through.

Sustainable hotel operation

Nordic Choice Hotels want to lead the way and show that impact on the climate can be reduced even within large hotel operations. Therefore, all of Nordic Choice Hotels are ISO 14001 certified. Quality Hotel Globe have a solar panel system on the roof. It will produce approximately 50kW every year, which is enough to charge 550 Tesla cars or to bake 1.7 million cinnamon buns.

The food revolution

Nordic Choice Hotels does not only want to serve good dining experiences. They also want to contribute to a positive development for people and the environment. For this reason, they invest in sustainable food.


Nordic Choice Hotels has 16,500 employees from 170 different countries. Everyone is welcome to Nordic Choice Hotels.

Local social responsibility

Nordic Choice Hotels wants to be responsible actors and good neighbors. With around 200 hotels and 16,500 employees, they have the opportunity to influence the conditions around them.

Ethical trade

It is not always easy to act right, which is why Nordic Choice Hotels has developed ethical guidelines for suppliers and their suppliers. These cover basic human rights, requirements for good working conditions and environmental requirements that are internationally recognized UN and ILO conventions. The guidelines ensure that production of goods and services takes place with regard to people and the environment.