Figure skating at its best
March 22–28 2021

Volunteer Policy

Age Limit

The general age limit is 18 years.

Selection Process

Due to Covid-19 and the different countries’ traveling restrictions, we have decided to only have volunteers from Sweden.

Working Hours

The work hours will depend on the final training and competition schedule, from 04:00 AM to midnight.


As the organization is based on voluntary efforts no compensation is paid for work during the event.


No compensation is paid for travels to and from the event.


Volunteers who need accommodation can get help from the Organizing Committee with booking rooms at the Motel L By Ligula – Hammarby Sjöstad. No compensation is paid for the accommodation during the event.

Food & Beverage

Volunteers will get a food ticket for every 8 hours work shift depending on the scheduling. Those who work full days, from early morning to late evening, will receive two food tickets. Except for the hot meals there will also be coffee, tea, fruit and sandwiches throughout the days. Food and beverage will be found in the volunteer lounge.


Volunteers will be given clothes to wear during work hours. You will also be able to keep these clothes after the event. Exactly what type of clothes are different depending on the working group and will be clarified later on.


Alcohol should not be consumed by volunteers during working hours or in general while wearing volunteer clothing.

Media Management

Regarding questions from the media in different forms, you should answer only direct questions that concern one’s self. All other questions should be referred to the Press Manager, or other staff within the Press Group.

Photography, autographs etc.

It is important for the skater to be able to prepare for competition, exercise and move around the area without being disturbed. It is respectful to wait with photography and autographs until the competition is over. A good photo opportunity is at the Gala. Note that use of flash is not allowed.